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God´s Plan (LP)

God’s Plan is the new solo album by Pawcut. Be prepared for the heat cause this album is full of killers. Pawcut blessed us once again with classy…

Blick in die Sterne (LP)

Der eine mit Chops, der andere mit Flows. Nach einer Irrfahrt durch den interstellaren Raum landeten Tschukka Chops & Panorama in der Kommandozentrale von Eikbert. In feinster Zusammenarbeit…

Persona Non Grata (LP/MC)

Persona Non Grata is the result of Pawcut joining forces with Exodus from Botswana.

All Drinks On Mi (DIGI-EP)

First as an introduction with this EP „All Drinks On Mi“ and later next month with a full length album „Persona Non Grata“.

Nightmare City (LP/MC)

Get ready to get goose bumps because we’re presenting „Nightmare City“.